Friday, December 9, 2011

Oddball Earl Wilson

I was browsing ebay this morning and came across some oddball cards I'd never heard of. ZeeBall.

ZeeBall Test Game
Earl Wilson (card # 7977)

I lifted the image from this ebay auction.  Apparently there are baseball and football cards aplenty, but I don't know anything about their origin.  Can anyone shed some light on these cards?


  1. Interesting, never seen those before...

  2. Adam said:

    For some reason I couldn't leave a comment on your blog, it kept saying I wasn't signed in but I was.

    Anyway, I have a Bill Virdon something like this only it is called ZeeNut. I picked it up off of ebay a while back and it looks almost just like the Zeeball card only there is no design in the background. When I bought it I kind of figured it was a home made card even though I don't know why someone would make a homemade Virdon. When I got it however it definitely didn't look homemade. It is odd shaped and it looks like it is printed with a press rather than on someones printer. Sadly that is all I know about it. It is a cool item for a player collector though.

  3. Zeenuts, Ruf-Neks and Home Run Kisses. Products of the Collins-McCarthy Candy Co. Zeenut cards were players of the old Pacific Coast League and were produced from 1913-1937.Not sure about your Bill Virdon. He definitely came after the original series.The Zee Ball was probably just a test run that may have never made it into production.

    I have had the same problem with commenting . When you run into that, you have to sign out and sign in again, but don't check the " stay signed in " box. It's some kind of glitch in the system.

  4. Mark - Adam posted a similar type of card and I made a comment about it (the one he described above). I highly doubt (99.9999% sure) that this is a licensed card, or that it has any relation to the original Zeenut series. As I said on that post, it doesn't mean these aren't cool cards - they just aren't "legal".