Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Contest Winnings - Scott Crawford On Cards

A few weeks ago Scott, from Scott Crawford on Cards, had a "caption this card contest". There were only a few other entries so I figured I'd give it a shot. In a moment of delirium he chose my entry as the winner.

Let's see what Scott sent for some of my prize...

Some vintagey goodness.  What is the definition of vintage?  Some say, anything over 30 years old.  Some say, anything older than the collector that holds them.  Others will declare vintage as any card created before the end of WWII.  I don't know exactly, but I'd go with anything 1970 or before. Now, that's not a hard and fast rule, but that's what I'm saying tonight.

Look, vintage.  Bosman had a 2.19 ERA.  Palmer had a 2.34 and Cuellar a 2.38.
1970 Topps
AL ERA Leaders (card # 68)

Four, count 'em, four Hall of Famers.  They had 90 Wins between them that year.  That's why they're leaders.
1970 Topps
NL Pitching Leaders (card # 69)

Dock Ellis.  Traded. On December 11, 1975 he was traded by the Pittsburgh Pirates with Ken Brett and Willie Randolph to the New York Yankees for Doc Medich. Dock for Doc. Sounds fair enough.
1976 Topps Traded
Dock Ellis (card # 528)

We've all seen these and some are haunted by them.  They were inserted into wax packs.  Scott sent over the whole set of 26.  Sweet.  Individually they are annoying.  In the safety of page protectors they look rather nice.
1989 Donruss MVP
Kirby Puckett (card # BC-1)

Apparently Scott couldn't get rid of just one set of the Donruss MVPs, he had to get rid of two sets.
1988 Donruss MVP
Cal Ripken  (card # BC-1)

If you haven't visited Gary Cieradkowski's wonderful The Infinite Baseball Card Set, go there now. This is a promo card featuring a young Babe Ruth who looks like he might be a young Bob Hope.
The Infinite Baseball Card Set
Babe Ruth (promo card)

Scott turned to hockey.  Yippee!  A Brandon Yip rookie card.
2010-2011 Victory
Brandon Yip (card # 210)

An almost vintage hockey card.  Not a helmet in sight.
1976 Topps
Islanders Team Checklist (card # 142)

And the crown jewel of the prize?  A custom card of my blog avatar, Cy Barger.  Or maybe it is me.  I'm not quite sure and I don't spend a lot of time in front of the mirror.
Scott Crawford Creation
Custom Card (NNO) (1/1)

There are many more cards that Scott sent me, but I didn't want this to turn into a tribute to the Night Owl. Thanks, Scott for my prize.

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  1. That last card is either you, or Edgar Allen Poe.