Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bond. Walt Bond.

Some time back I initiated a trade with Sean from Condition: Poor.  I sent him some castoff manager cards during one of my cleansing sessions.  I sent him a few other things: stickers and the like.  Somehow in the midst of doing responsible things (work, tending to important family issues, that sort of stuff) he managed to get a package sent out my way.

Since I've been negligent about posting anything remotely to do with cards, I figured that I'd not only show some of the cards now, but a few later on.  Trust me, I'm on a research roll, so you'll welcome the respite of cards.

What did Sean send me?  Vintagey goodness.  Walt Bond sporting a Houston cap before they were the Astros.  I can't think of another baseball team that used or uses an actual product (Colt .45s) as their team name.

1965 Topps
Walt Bond (card # 109)

Sean also sent a stack-o-Diamondbacks.  I'm gathering these for my father, who will be visiting next week.  Stephen Drew is joined by about 35 other D-backs.

2009 Goodwin Champions
Stephen Drew (card # 120)

The final card of this post Sean's generosity is a SlangKo original.  Sean captures Orel's classic pitching form brilliantly.  The determined look, the upturned glove.  That, a bit of fine pitching and some luck earned him the Cy Young Award in 1988.

2009 SlangKo Sportscard Co.
Orel Hershiser

Sean, thanks for the trade.  Keep up the good work.  And congrats on the birth of your daughter.

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