Monday, February 3, 2014

1991 Sports Illustrated for Kids - Kevin McHale

Another Listia win.  Another 499 Listia credits.  I think I've said this before about the value Listia credits.  I think of them not so much as a cash value, but of a trade value.  I post a fair amount of cards, usually in three card lots.  Stuff I've gathered over time.  Stuff I don't want.  So, when they 'sell' for 499 credits and I find a card that I want for 499 credits it is like a straight up trade to me.

Sports Illustrated for Kids started putting cards in their magazine in January of 1989.  25 years ago.  Since then they've issued about 2,655 numbered cards plus several inserts.

I just found out that Orel Hershiser has a card from the inaugural mini set (card # 5).  Now to add that to the want list.
1991 Sports Illustrated for Kids
Kevin McHale (card # 235)

Clearly this is designed for American youth.  If it was somewhere in the world that cared about the metric system they would have asked: "How tall is Kevin in centimeters?"

For a rather complete checklist of the SI cards visit's website.  Their other checklist is for track and field type cards.

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