Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superb Owl Sunday

Yes, kids, it is Superb Owl Sunday.  Aside from our blogging friend, Greg, I don't know too many superb owls.

at Sir Goony's in Knoxville

Caroline at JoAnn Fabric and Craft store

Caroline at a friend's birthday party, yesterday

Okay, since it is a day to celebrate the end of the football season, here are some quick pics of an older computerized football game.  It was made by EDC Corp, probably from the early 1970s.  It looks like a thrill a minute.

found at the Antique and Collectibles shop in south KnoxVegas


And now on to the cards.  I found that I had a few packs of 1991 Fleer Football.  I opened just one.

1991 Fleer Football
Ed Reynolds (card # 143)

1991 Fleer Football
Phil Simms (card # 318)

The packaging was actually wax.  Since some of you get a thrill from seeing wrappers, here you go.

Mmmm.  Waxy.

We're all sick at our house.  Except Caroline.  We've cancelled our plans to attend a Super Bowl Party with friends.  We'll lounge around, ignore the halftime show and root for the Giants.

Happy Superb Owl Sunday.


  1. Hope everybody gets better.

    I always liked '91 Fleer fb because it represented its era perfectly, just like 1990 Donruss, Score, and Topps.

  2. Those are some superb owls! Can't say the same about the cards--yuck! Early 90's football cards were so awful, with very few exceptions. of course, I have boxes of them in my basement. Went through them a couple months ago, but my eyes started twitching and burning, so I put 'em back.

    I'm rooting for New England because I have to. If they win I'll be slightly less annoyed than if the Giants win.

  3. Wow, '91 Fleer football might be the worst cards I've ever seen! How did those escape me?

    P.S.: Super Owl Sunday is the Sunday after I receive my tax return.