Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Once every four years

Oh, I was going to do an 'oddball' cards post, but I thought, what a better way to cleanse oneself from a week of racing cards than some good old League Leader cards?

1962 Topps
AL ERA Leaders (card # 55)

1965 Topps
NL Pitching Leaders (card # 10)

1966 Topps
NL Home Run Leaders (card # 217)

1966 Topps
AL Stikeout Leaders (card # 226)

1968 Topps
NL ERA Leaders (card # 7)

1969 Topps
AL ERA Leaders (card # 7)

1970 Topps
AL RBI Leaders (card # 64)

1971 Topps
AL HR Leaders (card # 65)

1973 Topps
Batting Leaders (card # 61)

The post title doesn't refer to today being February 29, but rather it seems that once every four years I put together a quality post. I think that the content, rather than the words of this one, carry it.


  1. Racing cards to league leaders? that's quite the (pause for effect) leap.

  2. Can't go wrong leading off with a Don Mossi card!