Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oops!... I did it again

You'd think that I'd learn. Nope. This auction closed on Thursday. Huggins & Scott sent another lush catalog. I think that mine was at the top of the box when it came back from the printer, as there is a score made by a box cutter going diagonally on the cover. I'm not complaining. It was free.

This catalog has about 146 pages of items. 724 lots. That's lots of lots. It seems that they are mostly baseball related, although I found some football, tennis, racing, hockey, basketball, entertainment and Americana.

If I was bidding on any items in this catalog I would probably put some money on:

(8,500) Autographed Baseball Index Cards
Starting bid: $300
Final bid: $1,400

(2) 2006 Upper Deck Epic Awesome Eight Relic Cards with Ruth, Cobb & Gehrig
Starting bid: $400
Final bid: $750

1953 Bowman Color #121 Yogi Berra PSA 8
Starting bid: $400
Final bid: $2,100

Maybe next time I'll get to the catalog posts quicker.

Images used with permission.

1 comment:

  1. whoa...that's kinda torture.

    If the catalog included Willie McGee rookie lots for $12 I could at least think I had a shot, but $1500!~