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Topps Cards in Dynamite Magazine

Greg (the Night Owl), is in the process of upgrading his cards. This leads to an interesting discussion as to what grade of card to collect. Is it better to get three rather beat up card from a 1960 Topps set or get one card in nice condition?

I have heard that one should always collect quality. But, I think that I'd rather have the three cards than the one. Now, it is quite subjective. What are the cards? Exactly what condition are they in? Are they from the team you collect or like? High Number or Low Number? What is right for me may not be right for you.

But, that is a discussion for another time. Right now the topic is Topps cards inserted into Dynamite Magazine.

Greg posted about upgrading a Topps 1976 Mike Kekich card.

MattR, of A Giant Blog, commented
I think some of the kiddie magazines had baseball cards in them. I remember some '75 cards that I cut/tore out of Dynamite magazine when I was about 9.
I ran over and dug out my 2008 edition of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.

In part, here's what it said...
1976 Topps/Dynamite Magazine Panels

In at least one issue of its "Dynamite" kids' magazine, Scholastic Book Club teamed with Topps to insert a six-card panel for its 1976 baseball issue.

469 Rawley Eastwick
471 Jim Burton
474 Ray Corbin
481 Rudy May
482 Tim Horsley
522 Ted Sizemore

1977 Topps/Dynamite Magazine Panels

In at least two issues of its "Dynamite" kids' magazine, Scholastic Book Club teamed with Topps to insert a six-card panel for its 1977 baseball issue.

Panel 1
215 Butch Metzger
335 Bill Robinson
599 Mike Tyson
625 Ken Holtzman
630 Bert Blyleven
641 Dan Larson

Panel 2
242 Ken Henderson
294 George Medich
415 Jay Johnstone
535 Cesar Geronimo
580 George Brett
626 Al Bumbry

1978 Topps/Dynamte Magazine Panels

In issue No. 47 of its "Dynamite" kids' magazine, Scholastic Book Club teamed with Topps to insert a six-card panel for its 1978 baseball issue. Three such panels have been found thus far, one of which includes an Eddie Murray rookie card.

Panel 1
36 Eddie Murray
125 George Scott
141 Ruppert Jones
150 Bobby Bonds
490 Amos Otis
550 John Mayberry

Panel 2
21 Steve Kemp
168 Reggie Smith
200 Reggie Jackson
245 Rick Burleson
332 Duane Kuiper
440 Davey Lopes

Panel 3
44 Toby Harrah
120 Gary Carter
130 Jeff Burroughs
320 Fred Lynn
335 Bucky Dent
670 Jim Rice

1979 Topps/Dynamite Magazine Panels

In at least two issues of its "Dynamite" kids' magazine, Scholastic Book Club teamed with Topps to insert a six-card panel for its 1979 baseball issue.

Panel 1
2 Home Run Leaders (Jim Rice, George Foster)
5 Victory Leaders (Ron Guidry, Gaylord Perry)
6 Strikeout Leaders (Nolan Ryan, J.R. Richard)
201 Mike Edwards (Record Breaker)
202 Ron Guidry (Record Breaker)
203 J.R. Richard (Record Breaker)

Panel 2
232 Jimmy Sexton
292 Don Reynolds
225 Bobby Thompson
432 Dave Heaverlo
532 Buddy Schultz
539 John Ellis
So, I started to look on ebay to see what else was out there. I found a variety of years. Some of them match up with what the SCBC. Others? Not so much.

This April 1974 issue has cards.

According to this auction, when asked about which cards are in the magazine, the seller says: "Yes, sadly there are only 4, there must have been 8 originally, 4 in the front part of the magazine and 4 in the back. The front ones are gone. These are Topps 1974 cards : 530 Mickey Stanley, 536 Duffy Dyer, 571 Rich Hand and a checklist 397-528"

This 1975 issue has cards. Two types. Topps and Dynamite spoof cards.

I found this listing for "3 Topps Baseball Cards Uncut Dynamite Magazine 1976".

Clearly these are 1975 Topps. Vada Pinson, John Curtis and Fred Norman. I contacted the seller and they said that the cards are dated 1975 on the back. It is not known which issue this half panel came from.

This April 1976 issue has cards. The Fonz is cool. Baseball cards are cool.

I have contacted the seller to see which cards are included.
UPDATE - The seller graciously responded with the following information: Ken Henderson (White Sox), Fred Stanley (Yankees), Ceaser Cedeno (Astros), Steve Hargan (Rangers), Mark Belanger (Orioles) and Roric Harrison (Indians).

This April 1977 issue has cards. Sweat Hogs are sweet.

I have contacted the seller to identify which cards are listed.

This April 1979 issue has cards.

Cards are #526, Tom Lasorda, #96 Jeff Torborg, #328 Jack McKeon, #479 Roger Craig, #259 Sparky Anderson & #66 Less Moss. These are all Team cards with the managers listed.

This March 1981 issue with Buck Rogers and Wilma doesn't state on the front that it has card, but it does.
The players are Ross Grimsley, Skip Lockwood, Lynn Jones, Jerry Royster, Fred Martinez and Bombo Rivera.

This March 1982 issue shows the attractive Melissa Gilbert.

Cards included are Dave Palmer, Jerry White, Steve Rogers, Reggie Smith, Rick Langford and Rick Peters.

This March 1983 issue brings a look at MTV. And "FREE Baseball Cards!"

Cards in this issue are Jim Morrison, John Curtis, Rich Hebner, Clyde King, Jerry Garvin and Joe Pittman.

This March 1984 issue with the dreamy Michael J. Fox states "Free Baseball Cards!"

The cards in this issue are Bob Welch, Dennis Eckersley, Jose Cruz, Jeff Burroughs, Bill Cauldwell and Dave Stapleton.

The February 1985 issue is said to have baseball cards. The cover is Duran Duran. I haven't found an image or any info on this one.

More info on Dynamite Magazine can be found on the Wikipedia page.

The blogger Gilligan has a fun walk down memory lane with his blog Retrospace. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I know a few of you will like it.

Perhaps this post would have been better handled by ToppCat over at The Topps Archives blog. I took a shot.


  1. Wow -- I had no idea Dynamite stayed around so long. The issue with Jimmie Walker is the one I was talking about in the other entry. Nice detective work. :)

  2. After you left that comment, I searched for Dynamite magazine myself and was hit with a major nostalgia rush. That HAD to be the magazine the Kekich card appeared in, although it doesn't appear to match up with the list.

    However my good friend had a subscription to Dynamite magazine and my brother did, too. My friend didn't like baseball, so that's how I ended up with the card.

    I agree with Matt, I didn't know Dynamite magazine lasted into the mid'80s!

    Great job.

  3. Wow, I have not thought of Dynamite magazine in a LONG time.

    I had the Waltons one.

  4. Just pointed back here from a similar 1978 magazine-insert set by SSPC. Thanks for running down the list of Dynamite issues, they really took me back to 1970s/80s childhood.

    1978 SSPC Yankees Yearbook #5

  5. I have 21 Dynamite Magazine for sell the have all the cards and posters inside never taken out. Some have baseball stickers.

    1. Hi Lannie, I would be interested. Can you email me?

      Thanks, Bob