Saturday, April 11, 2009

What's a boy to do?

Back in the heyday of card collecting I would often pick up a magazine to guide me through the various issues.  One of my favorite was Baseball Cards, published by Krause Publications of Wisconsin.

For a while they issued several baseball cards with the magazine.  I have both the August 1989 and January 1990 issues that feature Orel Hershiser cards.  I have left the cards alone, in their strips, still stapled to the magazines.

Now, what I am to do?  Do I remove the cards from their original 'packaging' and cut them out?  Do I get a magazine holder for 'packaging' and leave the cards in place?

One of the nice things about the magazine was that it had a lot of reader questions.  The answers were generally very tongue in cheek.
Dear Ed,
  I am 12 years old, and I like baseball and collect baseball cards.  I have a few questions, and was wondering if you have the answers.
  1)  Is it okay not to cheer for the home team?  I live near Cleveland, but I cheer for Oakland.  I like the Indians, but I have more fun watching Jose Canseco get a home run than watching Cory Snyder strike out.

  1)  No.  It is not okay to cheer for the home team.  Every home team has a secret police force, and if you don't cheer for the home team they break into your house and draw mustaches on all your Jose Canseco cards.


  1. I have saved all my Baseball Card magazines and probably enjoy the letters most of all. There were all kinds of "is my card an error card?" questions. Some very amusing.

    I have cut out all of my BCM cards. I don't know if that's the way to go. But I liked having them as cards.

  2. I just bought some panels from 1992 (they are the 1970 design) and will probably cut them very carefully for storage reasons. I also like having "just cards" to enjoy.