Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nick Adenhart - RIP

At the urging of Greg over at the Night Owl Cards blog, I'm adding my own tribute to an athlete that died way too young, at the hands of another young man who apparently had too much to drink and didn't understand that he was driving a lethal weapon.

Late last night or early this morning, Nick Adenhart was involved in a traffic accident that left him and two of his passengers dead. His vehicle was apparently rammed by a van that was driven by someone who was drunk.

Like Greg, I didn't know of Nick Adenhart. I don't really follow the Angels. It is too early in the season for me to get past the Cubs and the Dodgers. I barely know who is on my fantasy team.

When one hears of a tragedy like this, a young man, in his prime, killed for no apparent reason (other than stupidity on the part of the other driver), it makes baseball card blogging seem so minuscule. Unimportant. Flippant, almost.

Let us not forget that it wasn't only Nick that lost his life. Two other people involved in the accident have died.

And for what reason? Because someone got toasted and didn't remember to call for help. I don't know why.

My guess is that the driver of the van that killed Nick and the others didn't say to himself, "Hmm, I've just killed a young pitcher. I'd better split."

No, he realized that he did something wrong and then split. He shouldn't have split. He shouldn't have been driving in that condition.

It doesn't matter whether the victim is a pitcher, an actor, a doctor, a produce manager, a speech therapist, a veteran, a grandmother, a hairdresser, a student.

Don't drink and drive.

Just don't.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Nick and his passengers.


  1. I was just getting ready to call you and see if you'd heard. Very sad story. You put my thoughts into very well-spoken words.

  2. maybe that should be the next mass media advertising campaign . . . "Just Don't" !