Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mr. Short-Term Memory

I can't remember many things.

I don't remember batting averages or ERAs.  I don't remember which card design goes with which set and year.  I don't remember which contests I've entered in the card blogoshpere.  Sort of.

I remember that I entered the Dodgers to be first team to win 12 games this year on someone's blog.  I don't think that the Dodgers were the first, but I don't know that the Blue Jays were selected by anyone.

So dear readers, I come to you asking for help.  Where was that contest hosted?  Am I the winner?  And if so, what did I win?

Mr. Short-Term Memory: Excuse me.. Miss? You're welcome to sit here and everything.. but I think introductions are in order.
Date: Jeff. It's me. Caroline. Your date.
Mr. Short-Term Memory: [ checks her out ] Ohhh, hey, alright! So, what's your name?


  1. I missed that contest but I'm glad I'm not the only one with that problem !

  2. The contest at 30-Year-Old Cardboard asked who was going to reach 12 wins first.