Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Answer to "Is This Anything"

The girls over at Dinged Corners recently asked:

Is This Anything...

I immediately thought that it was a play at the plate involving a Met. Then I thought, "No, those girls are crafty. Surely they must be referring to this..."

Yes, the Weekly World News is on Google Books. You can relive all of those tedious moments standing in the grocery store checkout line waiting behind the lady with all those coupons for little Fifi's dog food, only to find out that they expired seven months ago. What will Fifi do without his Kibbles and Bits? Not Snausages. No. Not for her Fifi. Then your eyes would wander to the right and left, bypassing the Juicy Fruit gum and Chunky candy bars finally landing on the printed word. It must be true, because about every other issue dealt with something Biblical, either finding Noah's ark in Pennsylvania, or the amazing Bible Prayers to flush out body fat .

But the WWN also carried some real news, untainted by maniacal editors looking for a quick sale...
On occasion they even offered a glimpse into the freakish, like the still from the movie, "Leatherface goes to LA"...

But, alas, it was a 1987 Topps Kevin Mitchell card.

I'm wrong again.

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  1. Weekly World News on Google?!? Oh Mah Gawd! This is awesome!!!