Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some sports cards from Listia

I've been 'selling' some cards on Listia, mostly duplicate 1971 Topps.  I've been turning around and bidding on some cards that I want.  I won this disinterested Reggie Jackson for 3,580 credits.  The seller tossed in the ticked off Andre Dawson.  Reggie filled a hole in my quest to complete the 1971 Topps Series 1 (obligatory wantlist link).

1971 Topps
Reggie Jackson (card # 20)
1981 Donruss
Andre Dawson (card # 212)

Jeff Burton has moved from the drivers' seat to the broadcast booth. But my wife still likes him.  I bid on this lot and won for 503 credits.  I didn't even look to see if I need them.  As it turns out, I needed all three of them (obligatory wantlist link, part two).
1999 Press Pass
Jeff Burton (card # 50)
1995 Classic 5 Sport
Jeff Burton (card # 172)
2006 Press Pass VIP
Jeff Burton (card # 2)
I need to do much more sorting and cataloging of the Jeff Burton cards, but that isn't a priority for me.

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  1. Glad you got that 71 Reggie. I was kicking myself HARD for forgetting to set a timer to put up a big last minute bid on it. Can't believe it went so cheap.