Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Quartet of Orels

These came from COMC.  I had an order going already and figured that I should add some more.

Note the dinged corner on the Fusion.

2009 Press Pass Fusion
Orel Hershiser (card # 4) #/99

Which LA team is this?  MLB shouldn't offer an exclusive license.

2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Baseball
Orel Hershiser (card # 49)

Yes, it is a Giants uniform.  Are his kids embarrassed by this shot, or are they like, "Cool, we're on a baseball card"?
1998 Fleer Tradition
Orel Hershiser (card # 359)

One of the many variants of Stadium Club that year.  I'll show them all together some day.
1995 Topps Stadium Club
Division Series
Orel Hershiser (card # 562)

And there you go.

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