Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Guest Blogger - My Dad

David, of TribeCards.net, broke open a bunch of wax this summer. I lost count after about 50 packs. I think that he made it to 182. Not only was it fun to see the cards from sets I've never heard of, he was giving them away. I asked for the Diamondbacks, the Expos and some Hershiser. I don't collect the Diamondbacks or the Expos, but my father does.

I begged David to send our 'winnings' this week so that my dad and I could open them. He's in from Arizona, hence the D-backs. The Expos? He was raised just south of Montreal, on the US side of the border. Hometown team and all that.

I asked my Dad to select his three favorite cards from the stack that David sent. Then he had to write about them. He doesn't listen and picked four.

So, in alphabetical order, I present you my Dad's Top Four Cards from the Arkansas pack buster.

Moises Alou 
Tradition (father, two uncles and a cousin) kept the game going for this family. That, plus having your father as your team manager would keep you sharp. The picture is one of confidence and that was borne out with commendable numbers for BA, HR, and RBI areas.

1996 Leaf
Moises Alou (card # 182)

Miguel Montero
This relatively casual photo is a deception. He's ready for whatever the day brings. He'll call a no-hitter as quickly as he'll snuff out your hopes for getting to second base. His .286 BA this year should go up by at least a few points this next season.

2006 Topps
Miguel Montero (card # 273)

Tim Raines
The picture captures the idea of energy, and Tim used his energy on offense and defense. He was high in assists and double-plays while on the field, and a thief of high regard while a runner.

1986 Donruss All-Stars
Tim Raines (card # 20)

Brandon Webb 
In the middle of things, as this picture notes, he held a 3.54 ERA in a season (2004) when the team won only 51 games, and then won the Cy Young award two years later. Shoulder injuries have kept the spotlight off him, though there seemed great potential.

2008 Topps - Own The Game
Brandon Webb (card # OTG23)

There you go.  A bit of insight from my old man.  Thanks, David, for the cards.  Thanks, Dad, for the commentary.


  1. I love this post. Thank your Dad for taking some time out to write his thoughts. That was a great idea! As for the pack count, I don't have the exact number (though I could go back and count them via posts), but several days I opened multiple packs, so the number was over 200! It was a lot of fun and a LOT of work, but well worth it. Now, if I just had the same tenacity about sending the cards out... :-)

  2. Alou has confidence in spades. You have to be a pretty confident guy to tell the world that you pee on your hands so you can grip the bat better.