Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cards for Kids

I have more cards than I really know what to do with. For several years they've been sitting in boxes. On occasion I'll pull a box out and look through it, remembering days gone by when I thought it would be nice to complete that set.

Back in January I contacted the owner of the 1,000,000 Cards for Kids blog.  I pledged to take some of my cards to the East Tennessee Children's Hospital.  ETCH is dear to me as Caroline spent the first week of her life there.  Since then she's been in and out for various issues.  The doctors, nurses, and other staff are helpful and nice.  I've spent several nights there, wishing that our family was at home, but glad that the professionals were tending to Caroline.

So today I spent some time sorting through my card stash, bagging them up in groups of 50.  I was able to put together 50 bags.  That's 2,500 cards.  Cards I don't need but might bring an afternoon of joy to a child that might be having a rough time.

I'd encourage you to visit the 1,000,000 Cards for Kids blog and pledge your unwanted cards.  Then do it.  Call a local orphanage or a pediatric hospital to see if they'd be interested in the cards.  Then sort them out, bag them and donate.  You'll feel good and your spouse will like that you've cleaned some clutter out of the spare room.

A million cards is a lot, but if each of my followers can kick in a thousand cards or so, then we'd  be close to filling ten percent of the goal.

Mind you, I'm not posting this to toot my own horn, but to make you aware of a good thing.  Think of it as my public service announcement for the month.


  1. Congrats on going through with this. I really want to do this, too. Maybe in the spring or summer when things lighten up.

  2. That's a great cause. When I got out of the Navy, I had about 400,000 cards. It was ridiculous. I was unemployed for 7 months (by choice really, I was just enjoying my "freedom". I packed 1000 team bags with 30 cards each and packed them all in a huge wagon (two trips from the car) and took them to a local children's hospital. I never saw any of the kids open cards, but the lady in charge was so appreciative. If any kid got a little smile from it, it was worth the work.