Friday, March 20, 2009

Legacy Sports Rarities Auction Catalog

The other evening, Monday, I guess it was, I was poking around the Old Cardboard site.  I came across their upcoming show and auction calendar.  So, I took some time and visited the auction sites, requesting a free catalog where I could.

Tuesday morning I received an email from Jennifer Heard at Legacy Sports Rarities thanking me for my interest and letting me know that she would be sending me an
inaugural catalog auction of Classic 19th and 20th Century Sports Rarities, which ends on March 28th, 2009.
It arrived in my mailbox on Thursday afternoon.  I am always impressed by good service.  They have good service.

The catalog is 8-1/2" by 11" with a slick, glossy cover.  The 96 pages are also glossy, full of the 235 lots being offered.  All but one of the lots are single cards (lot 183 consists of four cards).  All cards in the catalog are either PSA or SGC graded and slabbed.

The cards themselves are mostly baseball (203 lots), some American football (18 lots), basketball (1 lot), boxing (2 lots), hockey (3 lots), golf (3 lots) and the remaing five lots are split between the 1934 National Chicle Sky Birds and the 1938 Horrors of War sets.

The cards are from many different eras.  The earliest cards are from 1887 and the most recent cards are from 1967. 

Current prices range from $85 up to $56,000.  From what I can tell, these are all quality cards, the cream of the crop.

The photography is stunning and the layout is attractive.  Some lots, like a 1933 Sports King Gum Babe Ruth, get two pages, while others get a single page or are force to share with another card or two.   Or five.  But they don't seem crowded.

The descriptions are clear, without too much fluff.  Sometimes the set is described, then the card.  Other times, just the card is dealt with, with a leaning to tell how many of cards are graded the same or better.  There aren't many.  The name of this auction is: Classic 19th and 20th Century Sport Rarities.  These cards live up to that name.

One (very minor) issue that I have with the descriptions is the variety of narration style.  Sometime the writer would say, "Within the last few years, I recall a couple of unopened Red Man pouches..."

And, "I find it highly unlikely that PSA will have the opportunity to certify a superior example."

And,  "With just a touch better north to south centering, I'm certain that this card would've graded NM-MT."

First person.  The writer is telling me his (or her) experience.

"Let's start off with the centering - absolutely perfect east to west..."

Then (same lot), "If you've been searching for the ultimate..."

Now the writer is taking me into his confidence and then talking directly to me.

I'd prefer it if the writers stayed neutral, not using personal pronouns.  Yes, this is very minor quibbling on my part and should not distract from the heart of this catalog.

Good cards, well photographed, superbly printed.  Ask for a catalog or view them online at Legacy Rarities.  You'll be glad you did.

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