Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Joy of a completed trade

A comment showed up on one of my recent posts. A new (to me) blogger, The Prowling Cat, had some cards I might want. Did I want them? Sure!

This is a portion of what he sent my way.  14 Jeff Burton cards.  I needed the nine shown below.

Just like baseball cards, there are some parallels.  I am really trying to get my Jeff Burton checklist assembled.  The 2013 Press Pass Ignite Racing tentative checklist just came out.  About another 15 JB cards.  Base cards, hobby parallels, retail parallels.  Black, blue, and red memorabilia cards.  Black, blue, and red autograph cards.  I'll be going after the base when they come out.

Thanks, Prowling Cat.  I hope you enjoy the skeds I sent your way.

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