Monday, August 6, 2012

Collect Auctions - August Catalog

Another auction catalog showed up in my mailbox last week.  I selected a few non-sports items that would be fun to own.  As usual, I'm not bidding on these, just having nice day dreams.

Why not go with the sports items?  Although there are some very nice items offered, I found myself going back to my standards: Vintage, Negro Leagues, a bit of hockey.  Since the ladies over at Dinged Corners recently posted about pop culture, I thought I'd go that direction.  Welcome back, Patricia and Lucy.

Let me show you what I'd bid on if I had some spare cash and had a place to display them...

Title: James Caan Signed 8x10 Framed Photo
Lot #: 897
Description: This framed and matted 8x10 photo features James Caan and is signed in blue felt tip pen. It arrives with a nameplate below with Caan's name and "Rollerball" and the signature is pre-certified by PSA/DNA.
Minimum Bid: $50
Current Bid: $0
My Thoughts: James Caan.  Many might know him from his acting in Brian's Song, The Godfather, Misery, or Elf, I first saw him in Rollerball, one of my favorite sci-fi movies.  I think that he first defined bada** for me.  No, I haven't seen the Rollerball remake.  James Caan is still making movies.

Title: Pete Best Signed Guitar - Original Beatles Drummer
Lot #: 455
Description: This Squier Fender mini red and white guitar is signed by former Beatles drummer, Pete Best. Best has inscribed his signature with "The Beatles" next to it in black felt tip pen. The signature is pre-certified by PSA/DNA.
Minimum Bid: $100
Current Bid: $100
My Thoughts: I'm currently reading Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now by Barry Miles.  I didn't really follow the Beatles, but I remember when Hey, Jude was released in 1968 and also remember the Yellow Submarine rub on stickers that came with some cereal.  I just never got into them.  The book is interesting, especially with the early history of the group.  Sort of sad that Best got sacked just two years into the gig.  He's currently playing in Europe.

Title: Fay Wray Signed 8x10 "King Kong" Photo
Lot #: 891
Description: A signed 8x10 photo of Fay Wray is available in this lot. The photo shows Wray in King Kong's clutches and is signed in black felt tip pen. The photo arrives in very fine condition and the signature is pre-certified by PSA/DNA.
Minimum Bid: $50
Current Bid: $0
My Thoughts: I saw King Kong in 1978.  Not on television, but projected onto a large screen.  Amazing what film makers could do in 1933.  Fay Wray died in 2004.  She's not signing any more.  A steal at this price.

Images and descriptions from  Used without permission.
Bids current as of August 6, 2012.

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