Monday, March 7, 2011

Trade with Rickey Henderson Collectibles

Sometime back I contacted Brad at Rickey Henderson Collectibles about a possible trade. I offered up a Starting Line Up figure, with cards.  Maybe some other cards, too.  I really don't remember.  I was looking for a Rickey relic.  Brad said that he was sure that he had some dupes and would get them out to me.  The Rickey relic and some other cards arrived a few weeks ago.  Let's see what he sent.

A few Hershiser cards that I wanted.  Some collectors only want their player wearing the uniform of a specific team.  Orel played with the Dodgers, the Mets, the Indians, the Giants and back to the Dodgers.  I'll take any of them.

1996 Score
Orel Hershiser (card # 96)

The following Donruss card, also from 1996, appears to be the same photo as the Score card.  Probably the same game and same photographer, but look at the writing on the ball.  Different position.  But I'm amazed at the consistency of Orel's pitching form.

1996 Donruss
Orel Hershiser (card #149)

I like the clean look of the back of the Donruss cards.  You can actually read the stats.  Speaking of clean, I have to clean my scanner glass.

1997 Donruss
Orel Hershiser (card #266)

And now the Rickey relic.  A very thick card with a nice slice of Rickey bat.  What?  Rickey played for Seattle?  When?  2000.  Who else did he play for?  Oakland.  Yeah, I know that.  New York.  Both teams.  San Diego?  Really?  Toronto?  Boston?  The Dodgers of Los Angeles?  Yep.  Yep.  Yep.  Anaheim?  Yep.  Back to Oakland?  Really?  Yep, a few times.

2001 Pacific Private Stock, Game Gear
Rickey Henderson (card # 158)

Brad also sent along another Hershiser and some Diamondback cards for my dad.

Thanks, Brad.


  1. Nice haul! I need to add a Rickey auto to my Yankees collection. I'm always looking for one that's decently priced. I know, good luck on that, lol.

  2. Glad you liked the cards, and could actually still use some of the Hershiser's! Once again, sorry about taking so long on my end, I'm glad to finally have the trade completed, lol!