Monday, January 31, 2011

Trading with the Mooss

Late last year I got involved with a three way trade.  Tim (aka SpastikMooss) of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame blog and I worked out a convoluted mess.  I think.  I think we worked it out, not "I think that it was a convoluted mess."  It was.

Mariner Moose sticker

Tim had traded another blogger for a printing plate, I think.  But he didn't have everything he needed to send to Jimmy.  I offered up some Dan Uggla cards. 

Jimmy's happy with the cards I sent him on behalf of Tim.  But then Tim wanted to know I wanted in the trade.  Since my collecting scope is rather limited, I pressed him on any HoF relic/auto cards.  He had an Eddie Mathews uniform relic.  But I already had an Eddie Mathews bat card.  Although I would have liked a different player, I'm not going to be too picky.

2006 Fleer Greats of the Game
Decade Greats, Memorabilia
Eddie Mathews (card # DEC-EM)

Tim wanted to know what else he could toss in. I looked at his tradebait and nothing really caught my eye. Until this.

2003 T205 Triple Folder Polar Bear
Randy Johnson / Curt Schilling
(card # TF13)

The Triple Folder is nice and wide, a full 7". Click on the above images to get the full effect.

It is for my dad.  He collects Diamondbacks.  Well, I forced him to.  He lives in Arizona and follows the team.  Sometime back I gave him a bunch of D-backs cards.  Then I started asking other bloggers to do the same.  He's got a nice stash of cards now.

Tim wasn't quite done.  He wanted to know what else I desired.  He sure is demanding.  I did send Jimmy off some nice cards, so I wasn't offended that he wanted to toss more on the trade pile.

But I'm a lousy trader.  I'm not very decisive on what I want.  Sure, I've got my wantlists, but normal people don't have what I want.  And Tim is not normal.  So, I turned the tables on him.  I made him decide what else was going on that pile.  Heck, why should I do any more work than I have to?

He tossed in this little card.

1992 Topps Micro
Pat Borders (card # 563)

And then, to wrap it all up, he used a Fun Foods pin as the bow on the package.

1985 Fun Foods Pin
Darrell Evans (pin # 117)
So thanks, Tim, for your generosity.  Another successful trade on all ends.

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  1. Nice write up - you got all the details down! Thanks for being patient through all the trade craziness - I know Jimmy appreciated it and I certainly did too! If I ever get any more nice HOFer relics I will definitely look your way!