Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hall of Fame Relic Card - Frank Robinson

Late last year I dove back into the ebay pool.

If you're new to this blog, here's the skinny.  I like relic cards of Hall of Famers.  But cheap relic cards.  My limit is $5.00 per card.  Delivered.  I've started a small collection of them. 

I found a seller that had quite a few available.  I put in a few bids and ended up with two cards for $9.14.  That's $4.57 each.  I hit my mark.

The first of these cards is a 2004 Topps Tribute HOF, Tribute Relics, Frank Robinson uniform.

2004 Topps Tribute HOF, Tribute Relics
Frank Robinson (card # TR-FR)

Frank entered the majors in 1956, with the Cincinnati Reds where he took home the Rookie of the Year award.  He spent ten years there, mostly in the outfield, but standing at one of the corners on occasion.

While playing for the Reds he was involved eight All-Star games, took home a Gold Glove award and was selected as the MVP in 1961.

The 1966 season brought him to the east coast where he continued making his legacy.  1966 was a banner year, one in which he led in many statistical categories and claimed his second MVP trophy.  Oh, he also was the AL Triple Crown winner.  And the World Series MVP.  Yes, it was a good year for him.  While at Baltimore he was involved with five All-Star games.

In 1972 he changed scenery again, this time to the Dodgers of Los Angeles.  But just for one year.  Nothing spectacular there, but I'm guessing that his west coast presence set up the trade to the California Angels.

He did a bit better for the Angels in almost two full seasons, getting another All-Star game nod.

Then it was off to Cleveland for the final two-plus seasons, mostly as a Designated Hitter.

After Frank put the bat and glove away he took up managing.  He was the Manager of the Year in 1989, back with the Orioles.  He also managed the Indians, Giants, Expos, and Nationals.  Of the 17 seasons* that he managed, he had only seven non-losing seasons.  And three of those were with the Expos/Nationals.

* Not all seasons were full seasons.  More info can be found on his managerial page at

Overall, a good, full life in baseball.


  1. Nice Orioles card! I'm not a big fan of Frank's but a relic card of a HOFer for under $5 is a great deal.

  2. Yeah, great deal on the card! I'm a fan of Frank's dedication to the game--and that's big-time "game face."