Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Revolving Door

Another day, another coach. Last night, the University of Tennessee Football Head Coach, Lane Kiffin, called it quits.

In a brief, hastily-called press conference Lane Kiffin said...
This was not an easy decision. It's something that happened very quick. The support has been unbelievable here. I really believe this is probably the only place I would have left here to go, was to go to Southern Cal. I know that I can walk out of here and say this, 'We've been here for 14 months and there's not one day that I didn't give everything I had to the Tennessee football program.' And I know, just leaving that team room, and looking around and seeing the players coming in on this roster and what's going on with their development, that we're leaving here, 14 months later, a lot better team than we were 14 months ago.
Video link to the press conference.

...and there's not one day that I didn't give everything I had to the Tennessee football program...
Really? What about those days that you were planning with USC? And the time you spent conspiring with Ed Orgeron to quickly poach mid-term recruits? That's giving everything to the Tennessee football program? Really?

Good luck at USC. Based on Vol fan reaction, I wouldn't suggest that you return to Knoxville anytime time soon. East Tennesseans are kind folk, but you really ticked them off.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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  1. Dude;s pretty crass, man. Pretty crass.

  2. Reason No. 68 why I can't deal with college football. Someday I'm going to annoy a bunch of people and post the whole list.