Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ideas for a New Year

So, it seems that everywhere I turn people are talking about their New Year's resolutions. I think of resolutions as ideas that (sometimes) fail. Losing weight. Exercising more. Eliminating debt. Good ideas. Noble ideas. But often what one has in mind and what they write down are two different things and then when they only lose two pounds instead of the 20 or knock out some bills but not all of it, they could be disappointed.

I, therefore, will not be resolving anything. I do have some ideas that I'd like to implement this upcoming year. In no particular order:
  • Post auction house catalogs the same week that I receive them.
  • Read more 'new' blogs. I've fallen into a comfort zone on what I read.
  • Leave at least a comment a day on posts that I read. I think that blog writers like that sort of feedback. I know I do.
  • Organize my card collection. Know what I have and what I want.
  • Get more of what I want.
  • Try not to buy packs of cards.
  • Send out a few Through The Mail attempts.
  • Pare down the boxes of cards that I have.
They sound like resolutions. They aren't. Trust me. I've done this a few times.

No, I'm probably not going to be altering my blog or blogging style greatly. I'll still look at auction house catalogs. I'll talk about a book or two that I've read. I'll post about cards I like. I'll show off my cheap Hall of Fame relic cards. I might talk about my kids.

If you want something wacky, crazy, edgy or truly bizarre, head elsewhere. If you tolerate or even slightly enjoy my ramblings, stick around. It will be smooth sailing.

Johnson Bible College Baseball Team, ca. 1915


  1. Edgy and bizarre is overrated. And in 5 years time, it just looks pathetic.

    Keep doing what you do. I like it.

  2. Mark, keep up what you've ben doing.

    I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis and would hate to see it change.

  3. I find this place wacky, crazy, edgy and truly bizarre but I guess that is just me. (wink)

  4. I like the comment idea! So here's one. :-)

  5. Did that guy just wink at you?

    Do I need to come by this blog more often?

    I'm just sayin. . . .

  6. You write a great blog. Great=always a good read, reliably engaging. It's smart that you don't plan to change anything much or the pitchfork-wielding hordes, you know, we, would become irate.

  7. I'd love to see the auction catalogs. I'm planning on doing more TTM this year as well. Let me know when you get organized and maybe I'll be able to swap you more of what you might want.

    And great photo of the JBC team.