Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Challenge

There seems to be many events happening in sports and the hobby these days. Coaches leaving their posts, athletes in trouble with the law and their leagues, National Chicle. It seems lawless and chaotic.

I was reminded by my dear wife this evening that there are other things going on that are more important than sports and cards. Specifically, the Haitian earthquake.

I'd like to challenge and encourage my readers to make a donation to the relief effort that is going on. Take whatever money you were going to spend on cards this week or this month and give. Put off your cards and give. Buy the cards and match what you spent.

Bud Selig has announced that MLB will be donating $1,000,000 to assist UNICEF's work. The NHL has added $100,000. The NBA is also supporting UNICEF. The NFL is organizing donations to the Red Cross.

If you are inclined to help, I'll make it easy and provide some links.
Remember, cards are an ephemeral pleasure. Your assistance can last a lifetime. Thanks.


  1. Mark,
    Glad you posted this... I JUST read it. I work in a casino that donates a portion of its take each night to a different charity and we have been giving to Samaritans Purse the last 3 nights (just under 8K) and I would be inclined to recommend them. I know cell phone towers are the least of the residents worries, but being an outsider that is the only way I can try and contact my friends in Haiti and there is NO signal. Obviously I am concerned about everyone there, but I am a wreck until I can reach my friends... My boss challenged all of the employees to match what they spend on casual purchases (coffee, snacks, smokes) in donations. The employees have donated nearly $1,000. These people REALLY need financial assistance. Thanks for bringing this up Mark!

  2. Samaritan's Purse gets my vote. . . or IDES.

    . . .and when you refer to me as your "dear wife," you make me feel 87.

    Future reference, okay?

  3. You might also consider Doctors Without Borders; the money goes directly to the cause, no shenanigans.

    Hi Angie.

  4. CT - Thanks for the encouragement.

    Angie - You're not old. Really.

    DC - Thanks for the suggestion. I've added them and some others.

  5. Hey everyone! I'm not sure that adding the "really" to the statement that I'm not old really helped. . . .but thanks for the effort.

    Love you..and I'm proud of you.

    . . . .