Thursday, December 17, 2009

Library of Congress - Baseball Americana

I have been hearing rumblings, good rumblings, about the book, Baseball Americana, from the Library of Congress. The LOC is selling it for about $30. Amazon has it listed for about $17.50. You can also see an excerpt in pdf format. Here is the blurb from the LOC website:
Home of the world's largest baseball collection, the Library of Congress presents this lavishly illustrated history of the National Pastime. More than 350 images--many never before published--chronicle the game's hardscrabble history. Among the Library's treasures are the first known image of baseball published in America (1787), the first dated baseball card (1865), and the Paul Thompson photographs (1910) shot specifically for the landmark T206 baseball cards, as well as vintage advertising, posters, film stills, cartoons, maps, and more. Baseball Americana is a must-have for any baseball fan.
National Public Radio did a story on it. I'd recommend that you listen to it, although if you don't have the eight minutes to spend, read it the story. There's something about baseball on the radio. Even if it is only a book review.

I've been lazily perusing my copy of Smithsonian Baseball the last few days. Find a copy of it. From your library or from for less than the cost of a blaster.

On PBS tonight I saw a trailer for the upcoming Ken Burns Baseball: Tenth Inning film. This information is not new. But it is the first time that I heard about it. It should be released in the fall of 2010.

Lest you think that all I do is listen to NPR and watch PBS, I also check my mail. Yesterday I received a package from "Below the Bridge". I hope to reveal the contents on Friday.

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  1. Thanks for posting the NPR link - I caught the tale end of the story the other day and knew I wanted to look it up. The 10th inning is news to me so that counts in my book also.