Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SCD Baseball Card Price Guide

When I picked up the 1998 Topps Stars "N Steel at the south Knoxvegas Antique Mall I looked in on booth 36. Lots of old magazines. Sports Illustrated. Beckett Hockey. Beckett Football. TV Guide. They are encased in plastic with cardboard stiffeners. $2 a pop. Then there's the stack of 'gently used' magazines. I found a copy of the April 1991 Sports Collectors Digest Baseball Card Price Guide in that stack.

It has no back cover, but it does still have the 5 FREE Cards.

Barry Larkin (card # 16)
Ramon Martinez (card # 17)
Ben McDonald (card # 18)
Roger Clemens (card # 19)
Jose Canseco (card # 20)

The backs have then current prices and a bit of commentary

The magazine is a vehicle for advertising and a price guide. A regular twofer.

Most of the ads deal with prospecting and investing. Lots of 100 or 500 card lots for single players.

But, one of the ads, from Sports Cards Plus (of Westminster, CA) had some items, including a chance to purchase a 1986 Donruss Factory Sealed baseball set for the low price of $225.

Ebay has one now for $20, plus $9 S&H. Glad I didn't spend my money then.

Ooh, Eric Lindros ads. And an ad for something called: TheJUDGE
Be SAFE when buying, saving or trading valuable cards!! TheJUDGE helps find the best cards for your money!

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