Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016 Topps Wacky Packages - MLB edition

Back down to the Dollar Tree last night. Had to pick up some gift bags for teacher gifts. The lines were long and just a few registers open. I put myself in the line with the trading cards in the impulse buy zone. It worked.

I hadn't yet seen these. It reminded me of the early releases from Topps. I remember them from the mid 1970s.  I grabbed two packs, thinking of my friend --David, of the currently resting site.

Some of the renderings are a bit hokey, but isn't that what Wacky Packages are supposed to be?

I actually think that the Cardinals Wings Sauce is classy.

This one says --David.

Not so much --David, but Indians.  Which is --David.

I just noticed that the crackers are home plate shaped.

Starting to head towards the Garbage Pail Kids.

Over used pun.


There's a checklist available at  Apparently both a retail and a hobby release.  The hobby issue has signatures and relic cards.  Go figure.

A nice way to divert my mind for a few minutes.  I hope the teachers are happy.

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  1. My local Dollar Tree has the worst selection of cards. But if I saw these there, I'd definitely pick up a few packs.