Wednesday, December 2, 2015

COMC Black Friday haul - Part 1

Once again it was time for shopping.  I haven't purchased cards on the net in quite a while.  Free shipping option and discounted cards.  I had a bit of jingle burning a hole in my pocket.

So, let's look at what I picked up in the minis department.  The earliest card is from 1901 and the most recent is from 1967.  The cards averaged in price less than 75 cents each.

When browsing I wasn't looking for these specific cards.  They just caught my eye.

The Lord High Chancellor reminded me of the judges on the Rumpole of the Bailey television series.

1937 Player's Cigarettes
Coronation Series Ceremonial Dress
Lord High Chancellor of England

Lupins?  They reminded me of the Monty Python "Dennis Moore" sketch.
1939 Wills's Tobacco
Garden Flowers

A biplane that goes on the water?  And there's a catapult?  Sign me up.
1939 Wills's Cigarettes
Life In The Royal Navy
Catapulting A Supermarine "Walrus" Amphibian

I just liked the painting of speed.
1967 Brook Bond Red Rose Tea
Transportation Through The Ages

Like smokers should be driving.  Oh, this is England.  Never mind.
1922 Wills's Cigarettes
Do You Know
The Meaning of Motor Signs?

1901 Ogden's Cigarettes
Leading Generals At The War
Hon. Schomberg Kerr McDonnell

Shakespeare's Birthplace?  Cool.
1917 Player's Cigarettes
Shakespearean Series
The Birthplace

A dapper Dragoon.  The price was right.
1913-14 Player's Cigarettes
Regimental Uniforms
1st (King's) Dragoon Guards

I also picked up some Orel Hershiser cards and some others that actually do fit in my collecting scheme.


  1. Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, riding through the land
    Soon every lupin in the land will be in his mighty hand...

    My reaction to that lupin card came in three stages: 1) the proverbial LOL; 2) Quoted several lines from "Dennis Moore" to myself (without having to click on the link, thank you very much); 3) Signed on to COMC to buy my own lupin card. "He seeks them here! He seeks them there! He seeks those lupins everywhere!"

    I'm also intrigued by the "Motor Signs" card. I clearly would've been in trouble had I driven in England in the 1930's... I'd be staring at the white circle and inadvertently drive off the road and send my lorry straight through someone's hedgerow.

    Excellent cards, one and all. I've never been all that interested in tobacco cards, but I clearly have to check out some of these British tobacco brands.

  2. I'm always cool with random tobacco cards. I've looked at Ogdens from time to time but have never found the right ones at the right price, particularly authors. Something maybe for 2016.

  3. Jeeze those are some amazing tobacco cards. I think I need all 50 of the "Life in the Navy" series...

  4. Great stuff! I had no idea COMC carried non-sports cards as well as sports cards. I need to take part in that sale next year.