Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baseball cards in TV shows

Being a collector my eyes are in tune with my surroundings.  When I watch a TV show or a movie and there are baseball cards in a scene I take note.

I didn't watch it last evening, but apparently the ABC sitcom, The Goldbergs, had a scene that featured some baseball cards. 

This image came from the ABC press release about the hidden April Fools' Jokes in their Wednesday night line up of comedies.

The character Murray Goldberg is portrayed by actor Jeff Garlin.  I first noticed him in his film, I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With.

I know of some other shows where baseball cards get some screen time.  Do you know of any?


  1. I saw the cards, but I missed Murray Goldberg there! Love that show.

  2. I've noticed posters for baseball cards hung around George Costanza's apartment on Seinfeld.

    1. And a poster for 1995 score! Right there in George's apartment!

  3. A 1963 Topps of Nellie Fox was part of an episode of Criminal Minds.

  4. The 1952 tops mantle was in an episode of the new Looney Tunes show

  5. I think "Who's The Boss" made a Tony Micelli card in the style of 1983 Topps.

    PS - Blogger has GOT to fix their stinking captcha thing. I can never leave a comment from Chrome, and I loathe opening Explorer to leave comments. That's why I rarely comment on anything anymore. It's always a crapshoot whether it will work or not.

  6. My wife watched Mask and the main character collected Brooklyn Dodgers.

  7. The execs at Topps should watch the show. I actually really like the Gary Petty card design in that binder.