Friday, July 19, 2013

More Listia Wins

Here are a few more cards that I picked up through  They're probably from a few different auction lots and I'm not going to go back and check to see how many credits I spent on them.  I'm too lazy to post more than a few times a month.  You think I'm going to dig around some auction archive to see how much they went for?

Notice the bottom portion of the following card.  The edge where the card slipped down in the wrapper just before it went to the wrapper sealing part of the packaging process.  I've got a nice 1/1 embossed card.

1995 Hi-Tech
Jeff Burton (card # 51)

I don't even know what to say about this one.

1997 ScoreBoard
Winston Cup Rewind
Jeff Burton (card # WC21)

The card is a puzzler.  You can see that it was perforated, probably part of a set of six cards.  Jeff got his 16th career win in 2001 at Charlotte.  He logged his 242d start at Loudon in 2001.  13 races later he picked up his 17th win (at Phoenix).  So, the cards must have come out in 2001.

unknown year
Jeff Burton (card # NNO)

Okay, I was curious.  We'll call it 511 net listia credits were spent to get these three cards.

  • The Hi-Tech card went for 80 credits.
  • The Scoreboard card went for 76 credits for a five card lot.  15 credits for this card.  I have't relisted the other four misc. NASCAR cards in this lot.
  • The card was one of six.  555 credits.  130 for this card.  But, I relilsted the five cards I wasn't interested in.  They went for 200 credits, thereby increasing my cost on the Burton card to 355 credits.

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  1. The Ford Racing card was part of an advertisement that appeared in Sports Illustrated For Kids. It was a sheet of 9 cards, all having Ford drivers on them.