Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Playing with cars

Here are some Jeff Burton collectible vehicles.  Since they all cost about a dollar each, I wasn't so concerned about the packaging being crisp and perfect.

I don't know if one would consider them to be New In Box or Mint In Box.  I'd probably go for NIB.

I don't know all of the scales, nor do I really want to.  I am aware that there is a whole other segment of collectors that goes gaga over the larger models.  Take a look at the Superstore Jeff Burton Diecast page.

1998 Pinnacle Collector Series
Jeff Burton - 9 Track Gear
One of the problems that I see as a collector of stuff is that there are too many products.  Yes, in baseball cards we have all of the rainbow parallels.  And if you're a jersey collector, there's the home, road, throwback, special edition, etc.  Sometimes in NASCAR they have a different paint scheme every week.  Or a different major sponsor.  And some fool company is producing cars for each of them.  In multiple sizes and finishes.
1998 Hot Wheels - Pro Racing
Jeff Burton - 99 Exide
I've resolved that I don't need to collect the cars, in or out of their packages.  I just don't.  I will, though.  But that is not the focus of my Jeff Burton collection.  Sort of like I didn't need to buy the 7" Hershiser plate.  Or the Earl Wilson commemorative Snuggie.  Okay, just kidding.  It wasn't Earl Wilson, it was Carl Erskine.

1997 Racing Champions
Craftsman Truck Series
Jeff Burton - 99 Exide
For now I'm going to leave them encased in their plastic cocoons and try to get the cards from listia or elsewhere, but some day I might break them out and play with them.


  1. Good stuff there Mark. My secret to the whole NASCAR thing is I only collect the cars I think are cool. Mostly we collect the special M&M's cars for Kyle Busch that catch my eye, and don't bother with the non M&M's cars. It helps narrow things down quite a bit.

  2. Love 90's NASCAR diecast... even though I've never really watched NASCAR. I just remember rooting for Rusty Wallace because of that cool Genuine Draft commercial where he rips out the stadium seats. At a buck a piece... you did really well. I'd pick up Wallace cars at that price all day long.

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