Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 Southern League All-Star Game

Tonight was the Southern League All-Star Game.  Got there at about 5pm.  Just in time to see long lines at the autograph tables.  Yes, that's the line going down the right side of the photo.

Because I have media access, I signed a form with the Smokies and MiLB saying that I won't get autographs or very bad things will happen to me.  I have no intentions of disobeying that, although it would be fun.

I went to the gift shop to see if they the All-Star baseball cards.  The answer is, yes, they did.  $12 per division, or $20 for the pair.  I decided not to pull the trigger on those but bought a hat.  Or a cap.  What do you kids call these things these days?

The autograph lines were divided by Division.  The North on one side of the concourse, the South on the other.  Knowing that a few of my readers like the Dodgers, I'll share some players from the Chattanooga Lookouts.

And so I don't alienate the Braves fans, here are a few Mississippi Braves.

After they players were done signing it was time for the Home Run Derby.

The two finalists were Justin Bour of the Smokies and Joe Dunigan of the Jackson Generals.

After multiple final rounds, Joe Dunigan was crowned as the Home Run Derby Champion.  That was the last thing that the North Division won.

The South went on to put the North down by a score of 6-2.

2012 Southern League All-Star Team
North Division

2012 Southern League All-Star Team
South Division

Still on the pregame ceremonies.  The Kingdom Heirs sang the national anthem while a large flag was displayed in the outfield.

What every good ball game should have.  A peanut vendor.

Sure, this looks like a staged photo, but it isn't.  The Southern Division dugout, down the third base side, had these sitting there.

I'll wrap this up with another typical photo.  I couldn't tell  you who is at bat or who is pitching.  The weather was warm and the baseball was good.

I left in the middle of the ninth.  The North did not rally.  Here are the Box Score and some pregame videos.  It was a great night and many thanks go out to Brian Cox, Smokies' GM and Adam Kline, Smokies' Director, Media Relations.

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  1. Looks like a fun nite, Mark I really like those Mississippi Braves' hats. I went to their site and saw the home version. That's even better. I'm tempted.

    The Montgomery Biscuit guys look like donkeys wearing the white uni top over road pants. A real fashion mistake.