Saturday, September 17, 2011

Live Blog - Smokies vs Baybears - part deux

Now it is the top of the 7th.  Same score, 2-1.  The Smokies had runners in scoring position but couldn't bring them in.

Back to Roger.  He's a photographer.  You might have seen his camera.  A few weeks back, in trying to protect his camera from a hard hit foul ball, his hand took the brunt of the force.  A broken bone, but he's back.  Roger is one of four boys in his family.  He and two of the older brothers collected baseball cards back in the 1950s and 1960s.  He told me that the played some sort of fantasy game with them, so they were well worn / well loved.   The three older brothers moved on to other pursuits and out of the house.  When they returned they found that their young brother had traded them away for something.  He doesn't remember what, but they weren't pleased with him for a bit.  Roger acknowledges that the cards, being in the condition they were in, probably wouldn't be worth much today.    My guess is that he misses them more for the nostalgia than for the value.

In the third inning there was a close play at first.  The ball bounced but it looked to me that the runner, a Baybear, was out.  Close, but out.  The umpire agreed with me.  We didn't consult.  The Baybear players in the dugout took exception withe the umpire's call.  All of a sudden they were rooting for Florida University.  Which was strange, because the UT game was over and technically it is the University of Florida.  Then all of a sudden, the home plate umpire decides that one of the Baybear pitchers should take the rest of the game off.  I haven't heard that much language in concert in quite a while.

Turner Ward, Baybears Manager

Turner Ward, manager, was an outfielder for a number of teams from 1990 to 2001.  I don't remember seeing his baseball card.

Now it is top of the 8th.  Score still 2-1.

Win or lose, fireworks show after the game.

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