Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nightmares on Cardboard III

Once again it is time for Thorzul's Nightmares on Cardboard. In this third edition, he has called for entires. I tossed these to him the other night. Actually, it was the early morning of the final day to enter.

I think that I started off with the idea of making a small set paying homage to Plan 9 from Outer Space.  Who doesn't love that?  Well, my wife.  But my son does.

Then, I thought... why limit myself?  Although he did not ask for a movie theme, I've been too busy to try to be creative.  I fell back to something that I felt comfortable with.  Stealing images from movies.

I liked working with the 1972 Topps design, mostly for the subtle tie-in of being called the Tombstone Set.  The back of the Criswell was too busy to spread out over many cards.  How many is many?  I think that I was shooting for 10.  Had I been clever I would have gone for 13.  Time and imagination thwarted me.

I watched the film clip of Tyler Colvin getting hit with a broken bat a few weeks ago.  I wanted to tie-in the stake in the chest with a vampire thing, but I couldn't quite find the hook.  So I dropped that and went to the teenage rage, Twilight.  I haven't read them, nor have I seen the movie.  But he's so dreamy.  A splash of fine poetry caps it off.

Then back to Plan 9.  Nobody does Bela like Bela.  Not even a chiropractor.  I've got the DVD with both black & white and color versions.  Wow, am I lucky.

So, there you have it.  My entry for Thorzul's contest.  Perhaps they will give him nightmares.  I look forward to seeing some real entries.

Note to self: file under unimaginative, pedestrian, ripoff.


  1. You inspired me to watch "Plan 9." Wow, what a bad movie. But it had to be done.

  2. And you're the better for it, I'm sure.