Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 University of Tennessee pocket schedule

Football time in Tennessee. Sweeter words were never said at the beginning of September. I've lived here for 14 years now. And I've grown to like the Vols. I'm not a rabid fan, but I do enjoy watching them. My wife likes them. We've got a good coach in Derrick Dooley. He might not have the experience of Phillip Fulmer, but he's got quite a bit more class than Lane Kiffin.

So far, UT has a 2-2 record, knocking off UT-Martin and UAB.  Truthfully, UAB should have beaten them.  Ah, the fickleness of Field Goal kickers.  The Vols have a tough schedule.  It isn't easy playing in the SEC.  This isn't whining, just fact.  There are some very good teams in that conference.  We'll pick up a few more wins and hopefully finish at least 6-6 on the season.

I picked up this pocket schedule at my favorite local card shop in Knoxville, Sports Treasures.  I was killing some time, bought a pack of 2010 Topps, Series 2 and found this at the checkout register.

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