Tuesday, July 28, 2009

That's not Rod Carew

I had a successful day of bidding last week on ebay. Three Hall of Fame relic cards from the same seller. Shipping was a flat $3.00 for all orders won if the cards were paid on one invoice. I spent a total of $9.59 on the three cards. That's $3.20 per card (on average), $4.20 per card if you consider shipping.

So, what did I win?
  • 2009 Icons Legendary Icons Jersey Wade Boggs
  • 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Jersey Jim Rice (41/75)
  • 2003 Finest Refractor Bat Rod Carew

What did I receive in the bubble mailer today?
  • 2009 Icons Legendary Icons Jersey Wade Boggs
  • 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Jersey Jim Rice (41/75)
  • 2003 Topps Finest George Foster Autograph

It is a very sweet card. Shiny and the pen was put right to the card. No sticker here.

George Foster is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Doesn't mean that I don't like the card. I really, really do.

But, my moral compass quickly started spinning wildly. I knew what I had to do. I contacted the seller and told him that what I received is not what I ordered.

While I waited for his reply, I thought that he might respond with, Oh, my mistake. Go ahead and keep it. I'll get your Rod Carew out later today. Sorry.

Nope. Here's what he said...
Send back i will fix
I responded that I could send it back if he'd provide the postage paid bubble envelope. Then I wrote and asked if there was any way to stay within the boundaries of ebay rules, could I buy it from him.

His reply...
we have sold that to another customer :(

No, Thank you for being honest. No offer to knock some off the next shipping fee if I win another auction from him. Just 12 words, an emoticon and no punctuaion.

I'll be shipping it back to him either Wednesday or Thursday.

When I get the Rod Carew card, I'll post about it.

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  1. Same thing happened to me last week. I bought a Joe Alexander Topps Signature autograph for my set and the guy sent me a Topps Murad autograph. My guy didn't offer to let me keep it either (I didn't really expect him to, but it would have been cool), however he did offer to refund the postage.