Monday, June 2, 2014

Who wants to see some women's baseball?

World Baseball Cup officials have revealed the schedule for the 6th Women's Baseball World Cup to be held in Miyazki, Japan the first week of September.

Most bloggers are familiar with the All American Girls Professional Baseball League from the 1940s.  Guess what?  Women are still playing baseball.  In youth leagues, in high schools and even at the world class level.

I don't yet know if the competition will be shown on a US sports carrier.  It should be.  Feel free to ask your local stations if their networks will be carrying the games.  Ask ESPN.  Ask the MLB Network.  Ask anyone you can.

Spread the word.


I hope someone creates a card set for the Women's Baseball World Cup.


  1. Thank you, Mark. I put up a Invitation page for people to tweet and go on all sorts of social media, but it doesn't have to stop at 6 p.m. EST today. Those of us who support women's baseball in particular and/or fairness in general can certainly keep on the sports networks' behinds about this for the next three months. I'll probably have another Social Media Saturation event just after the final USA team has been selected in a few months. Thanks for this, again.

  2. Women and baseball: YES!!!! Thank you Sheila, Mark, and anyone else who supports our girls and women who play, coach, and umpire baseball. Our inroads into the American consciousness are as yet narrow, and our progress glacial and incremental, but slow and steady scores the runs in this game. We'll keep those bats swinging and sooner, not later, we'll start hitting home runs!

  3. Hello Mark, I am a Juan Pierre collector and when I searched Juan Pierre Superfractor I was referenced to your blog. Do you have one? If so, are you willing to sell it?

    1. Frankie, thanks for contacting me. I don't have any Juan Pierre cards. I'm not sure why your search engine pointed you in this direction. Sorry.