Monday, June 16, 2014

Bruce Lee or John Wayne?

We've all had the discussion. Who is better? Maris or Mantle? Batman or Superman? Beatles or Stones?  Mary Ann or Ginger?  And we've all had our opinions.

Here's one you might not have considered.  Bruce Lee or John Wayne?

In 1999 Racing Champions issued these 1:64 scale cars with special paint jobs.

So, who would win?

Racing Champions also did other die cuts.

I picked these cards, and more, up from a Listia auction some time back.   I'm too lazy to look up when or how many credits it cost me.

After you're done thinking about John and Bruce, think back to November 7, 2010, when Jeff Burton and Jeff Gordon got into it.

Jeff or Jeff?

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  1. I'm pretty sure The Duke would smoke The Dragon. But if I had to pick a corner, I'd definitely hang with Mr. Lee.