Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Press Pass FanFare Jeff Burton Silver Foiled

I'll get back to some baseball cards in a bit. Right now it is another Listia win.  For those keeping score it set me back 1,331 Listia credits.  Free shipping.

A serial numbered Jeff Burton card. From this season. Could it be his last season? Of full time racing, I think that is a yes.

I read somewhere or other that collecting on a budget could easily be accomplished by picking up the second year card and the final year card of your favorite player.  The second year card will have stats from his rookie season.  The final year card will have his total career.  Not a bad thought, but anymore half the cards don't have (m)any stats at all.

2013 Press Pass FanFare
Silver Foiled (#d to 25)
Jeff Burton (card # 10)

I've just recently completed compiling a spreadsheet of known Jeff Burton cards.  I've listed 2,065 cards.  I need to double check a few things before releasing it.  I know that it is a work in progress and there are probably about 100 cards or more that I've missed.

Now I need to organize the cards I have and put them in the correct pages by year and check them off the spreadsheet.  Yeah, that won't take any time at all.   I've got about 350 cards, I estimate.

So what have I learned?  That I won't be a completing the Jeff Burton catalog.  Let's say I have 1,800 more cards to go.  I'm not going to be spending that kind of money on his cards.  I'll continue to pick them up on Listia, in dime boxes, and in trade, but I think I'm done chasing the cards.

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