Friday, August 10, 2012

1995 Donruss Red Zone

I stopped in at the Antiques and Collectibles shop in south KnoxVegas last night on my way to one of the high school football jamborees.

I came across something that I've not encountered.  Cards from a football card game.  Sort of like MLB Showdown 2000.  Sort of.  There were cellophane packs with two player cards and a card describing the game.  I picked up four packs. 

Here are two Hall of Famers.  I see on Beckett and ebay where the cards have numbers but I can't find them on the card.  Maybe they are unnumbered, but listed sequentially.  I don't know.

Barry Sanders, looking as lost as I am.
"Do I kick?  Am I injured?  A penalty and extra yards?"
COMC has Barry booking at $20.  I paid a lot less.  A lot less.

Dan Marino looking as lost as Barry is.
"Pass or Run?  What is a FADD?  Can I kick?"
Any reader want to help me out with the numbering system?  Or would you admit to playing this back in the day?  Did you understand it?


  1. Ah, the football version of Donruss Top of the Order. Nice.

    1. Thanks for the pointer. I wasn't aware of that game either.

  2. There is no numbering sequence. They made up the numbers I believe based on alphabetical order and team. I used to play. There were a few of us in my local comic book shop that played. I am pretty sure I have the whole set. I am looking into it now to see. Also trying to complete my Top of the Order set but that has been harder to do.