Thursday, June 30, 2011

Smokies beat the Mudcats

Last night our family went to Smokies Park.  Our church got some group tickets.

Here's our youth pastor, Nick, his daughter Elia and wife Tessa, with their friends, Braden and Braden's mom.  I've forgotten her name already.  We'll get back to Braden.

The game was sponsored by Halls Salvage.  So, of course, big headed foam people must be there.

Not only big headed people, but Clucky the Chicken.

Yes, there's some wicked sun glare, but I like this shot.  My family was sitting in section 117.  That's the silver section of the seats, just behind the umpire.

The skipper and his minions.

The Smokies Press Booth.  A bit more on this later.

This is Brooks Raley pitching.  It was his 23rd birthday.  He got the win.

Caroline lost a tooth this week.  She enjoyed the game, even though it went way past her bedtime.  I guess that is what summer is for.

Yours truly, sporting the Kaught Looking hat, just as I said I would.

Last pitch of the night.  The visiting team's bullpen was right in front of us.  James Skelton, 13, was catching the pitchers.  Caroline was waving at him the whole night long.

After the game he gave her a ball.  That really made her night.  Thanks, James.

As the field cleared, one of the Mudcat players came from the dugout to where we were seated.  Eric Campbell, 34, sauntered over to see his son, Braden, and wife.  They drove over for the series.  One of the best moments for me was seeing Eric and Braden having a catch.

Eric was kind enough to sign my ticket.  Thanks, Eric.

Leaving the park, we get another toothless grin.

Wait, what about the Press Booth?  Oh, yeah.  I finally got a Press Pass.  I guess they call it a Media Pass now.  The Director of Media Relations, Adam Kline, hooked me up, explained a few dos and don'ts, showed me the secret tunnel to get to the visitor's dugout and was super helpful the whole evening.  I'm planning to return to the park without the family so I can blog a game or two.

Thanks, Adam, Eric, family and friends.  It was a great evening.


  1. Good stuff. I love the finger in the nose in the second picture. You gotta love kids.

  2. That's a nice-looking ballpark. I know I've said that before.

    Use that media pass for good not for evil!

  3. Dig the "action" field of focus on Clucky the Chicken!

  4. Very cool. Looks like a nice night, and tons of fun.

    Now you have a Media Pass that you can scan and modify for other mock purposes.