Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That's A Diecut

My wife likes NASCAR. She knows who all the drivers are, what team they belong to, who they used to drive for, the names of their kids... You get the idea.

Her favorite driver is Jeff Burton. Richard Childress Racing. Roush Racing. Paige and Harrison. I didn't have to ask her. I know how to Google stuff on my own.

I like to watch racing and we've been to see a few races at Bristol Motor Speedway. It is fun. So, a few months ago an ebay seller offered up a boatload of Jeff Burton cards. Not as a lot, but as individual auctions. I've never participated in so many auctions at once. When they ended I found that I had won many of them.

I'm still sorting through them because I don't know much about racing cards.  I'm learning and adding my knowledge to Zistle.  These are just some of the diecut cards.  I still have a stack of 'normal' cards.

I know that there have been some diecut baseball cards, but I don't think that those top these.

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  1. I'm thinking that somebody had a very good Mothers' Day . . .