Sunday, May 15, 2011

Diamond Ruby - the card

In early March I became aware of the book, Diamond Ruby, written by Joseph Wallace.  It sounded intriguing so I downloaded a sample to my Kindle.  I devoured the three chapters and returned to Amazon to purchase the book.

I went to the author's site and found that he was offering a baseball card/promotion card of Diamond Ruby herself.

A few emails back and forth and in a few short days I had my own copy of the card, along with a personalized note from Mr. Wallace.  He has agreed to be interviewed after I finish reading it.  Look for that soon. Until then, here's a video trailer for Diamond Ruby:

I have two other baseball cards/promotion cards for books.  I'll share them in the coming weeks.  How many do you have or know about?

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  1. I made baseball cards for my books as a promotion for a local author gathering. Each side featured one book. :-)