Monday, January 17, 2011

Winnings from My Cardboard Mistress

Spankee, over at My Cardboard Mistress, held a contest some time back.  It was celebrating his 100th post.   I won.   Let's see what he sent...

1993 Ted Williams Card Company
Walter "Buck" Leonard (card #108)

1993 Ted Williams Card Company
John Henry "Pop" Lloyd (card #109)

1993 Ted Williams Card Company
Armando Vazquez (card #113)

1994 Ted Williams Card Company
Larry Brown (card #102)

1994 Ted Williams Card Company
Leon Day (card #103)

1994 Ted Williams Card Company
Judson "Bojum" Wilson (card  #116)

2010 Topps Chrome
Stephen Strasburg (card #212)

2010 Spankee Originals Stickers
Jefferson Burdick

I have created a wantlist for the Ted Williams cards.  It is on the sidebar to the right.  I think though, that I'm just going to order them through SportLots.  18 cents per card.  I can't really go too wrong.  And I can pick up some cards of the AAGPBA cards from the 1993 set.

BA Benny showed some interest in one other card that was part of the prize.  A shiny Tim Tebow.  I offered  to Spankee that BA Benny could have it.  Which led to emails between myself and BA Benny.  We've got a trade brewing between us.  It is going slowly, because we're both trying to figure out which Hershiser we have and want.

Spankee, thanks for the contest, for the winnings and for hooking me up with BA Benny.

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  1. You are welcome. Glad I could help you with the Ted Williams cards.