Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who wants this card?

I was out looking at other card blogs the other day and ran across a blogger that was a Carlos Lee collector.  I knew that I had this one.  By the time I found this and scanned it, I had totally forgotten which blogger was interested in Carlos Lee.

1999 Team Best Baseball America's Top Prospects
Carlos Lee (card #60)

So, I started to think about the wonderful Sports Card Blogroll that JayBee maintains.  He provides a list of current sports card blogs, mostly baseball related.

I thought that it would be good to have a list of bloggers and what they collect, all in one easy place.  Then, if the Carlos Lee blogger was listed there, I could easily check and try to hook him up.

So, I scraped together a quick background, created a blog and started to populate it.  It is no particular order.  I didn't ask those bloggers that I added, so if they want to be removed or have their wants changed, leave a comment.  Then I found out that dayf has a list of wantlists.  But I already created this new blog.  Darned if I was going to take it down.

So, go visit Got it. Got it. Need it.  Leave a comment (over there) and help me help you.  Tell your friends.

And please help me find out who collects Carlos Lee.


  1. Can you put me down for Collecting Red Sox and Bill Virdon. My want lists are:

  2. And I for Reds, Barry Larkin, and Allen & Ginter minis/relics?

  3. Nice idea. My want list on dayf's site is outdated (I have zero need for '06 Topps).

    Advertising this new site would have been perfect for my last post. I know. Why doesn't everything operate around my time schedule?

  4. Man, I think You found me. Other than Hunter Pence, Carlos Lee is my top player collection. Email me and we can work out a trade!