Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Horse of a Different Feather?

Last week or so I was having a conversation on Twitter with Matthew Glidden from the fantastic Number 5 Type Collection.

He was asking the ether what what college movie could get him in the mood since school was just around the corner.

I suggested that he try the 1932 Marx Brothers' movie, Horse Feathers.

1911 T3 style fictitious card
Groucho Marx in Horse Feathers
He later told me that:
"Horse Feathers" arrived from the library today, oddly ahead of my own textbooks. Classic cart-before-the-horse-feathers Marx Brothers problem.
Tough problem to have.

And now for today's question...

What sports films do you like?  I mean, really like.  Not just because everyone else likes them.

Or, what are the top 5 baseball movies?

Choose one and discuss.


  1. "Pride of the Yankees" and "Field of Dreams" must be up there. Hmm...what do people think of "For the Love of the Game?"

  2. Raging Bull is the best sports movie of all-time. OF ALL TIME!

    As far as baseball goes... hmmm....

    Rookie of the Year has to be the best worst baseball flick ever.

  3. "Field of Dreams" tops my list. BTW The W.P. Kinsella book it was based on, "Shoeless Joe" is also great even if you've seen the movie.

  4. I find most sports movies cloying and predictable. There are only a few that stand out.


    1. Field of Dreams -- so simple and almost hokey, but it makes the hair stand up on my arms during several moments of the movie.

    2. Major League -- very funny. I know Charlie Sheen has issues. It's still funny.

    3. Bad News Bears -- it taught us kids all kinds of bad words. The most quoted movie on the playground.


    1. North Dallas Forty -- I was over at a friend's house when I was a teenager and saw this movie for the first time. Opened my eyes wide.

    2. Heaven Can Wait -- Very '70s but very good.


    1. Hoosiers -- Maybe the best sports movie that I've seen

    2. Hoop Dreams -- I remember sitting in my apartment transfixed the whole time.


    1. Slapshot -- It's been too long since I've watched this.


    1. Happy Gilmour -- Yes, it's stupid, but I laughed throughout.

    I still need to see Raging Bull. I have a feeling that's the best ever.

  5. My baseball list is:

    1-Pride of The Yankees
    2-Field Of Dreams
    3-Major League
    4-Rookie Of The Year

  6. See I'm younger, but I LOVED Rookie of the Year as a kid, and still think it's fun today. The Sandlot is nice as well, underrated I think.

    Also, basketball movies? He Got Game. Ridiculous movie...but my first Spike Lee joint and it got me hooked. Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth is...interesting. And you got John Turturro in a small role...random NBAers showing's good stuff.

  7. Guilty pleasure sports flicks - I like them far more than they deserve to be liked:

    American Flyers
    Mean Machine

    My favorite baseball movie is The Natural. Non-baseball would have to be Breaking Away.