Thursday, January 13, 2011

Diamond Matchbook - fictitious creation

1935 Diamond Matchbook
FDR - 1935
While looking for some old baseball newsy items, I came across a panel of nine photos of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  They were taken while he attended the opening game for the Washington Senators in 1935.  Seeing the little square photos made me think of the Diamond Matchbook covers of the 1930s.

Sarasota Herald - April 22, 1935

This was just a quick exercise.  I'd like to find a way to justify the text on the back of the cover.

I was going to make a set of all nine, but I couldn't quite see the reason.  I'll use the extra time to make another sombrero card.

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  1. The cheap way to justify text is not to use Paint.Net (which may or may not be able to do it), but to use MS Word or Open Office Write. Then do a screen capture and drop it in as a graphic. Bit more work, and you can't change the text, but it gets the results you want.