Thursday, October 28, 2010

Contest Winnings - Beardy

Many moons ago, Beardy attended the National.  That was back when he was yet unmarried and the Orioles played baseball.  He had some contest where if you guessed which holes he filled in his Orioles wantlist you could win some cards that he picked up from his Super Sweet VIP package swag.

I made a calculated guess and bingo!  I won.  I selected the Jimenez and Romo relic cards.

I liked the Jimenez card because I had him on my fantasy team.  He had a very good season, including pitching the first no-hitter for the Rockies' franchise.  He blew up in a few games, but the strength of his pitching took me to the championship game in my baseball fantasy league. Thanks, Ubaldo.

2010 Topps, Series 2, Peak Performance, Ubaldo Jimenez (#PPR UJ) 

Then comes Mr. "Ow.  My shoulder" Romo.  I've never been connected to Tony Romo.  Whenever I hear his name I think of an Italian restaurant.  The overall design of  Sunday's Best is good.  Panini could have done a better job with this relic card, though.  The big space beneath the fabric?  I bet there is an autograph version of this card and that is where he'd put his John Hancock.

2010 Panini Classics, Sunday's Best, Tony Romo (#6), #/299

At least the Romo jersey was "cut from an Authentic Jersey personally worn by Tony Romo in an official NFL Game."  The Jimenez "relic contained in this card does not come from any specific game, event or season."  My guess is that Topps went down to Benjamin Harrison Middle School and asked the soccer coach for some uniforms after the season ended and slipped him a twenty.

And Panini could have done better.  The same photo on the back as on the front?  Couldn't find another one?

So, thanks Beardy, for the wonderful cards.  Even if it is two months late.

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