Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Card Show Blues

Everybody's favorite night blogger, Greg, had some issues when the regularly scheduled cards show in his area decided to changed dates.  And Shoebox Legends caught the local mall card show, to his initial disappointment.

Finally, I get to be part of an exclusive club.  You know, that one that gets ramped up for something big to happen just a few times a year and then it doesn't?  Yeah, that's the one.

After the February show, I checked the Inside Pitch Promotions' website and got the dates for the October show.  I was ready.  Well, not really.  But I was going to be ready.  Checklists printed.  Clear focus.  No buying for anyone else.  Just me.  Some oddball stuff, maybe another Bill Wade football card.  But it won't be this weekend.

On a positive note, I did spend yesterday at the Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection, part of the Knox County Public Library.  I had a good time with my father.  He was researching family history, I was focused on some baseball related info from east Tennessee.  I was able to get copies of some articles from the 1904 Tennessee-Alabama League, specifically about Ty Cobb, when he was with Sheffield.  Some info about "Steel Arm" Dickey, a fine twirler for several black baseball teams who met a tragic end.  A scholarly article about the history of baseball in Johnson City.  A search through 30 years of Knoxville City directories, following Frank H. Moffett, an early pioneer in the business of baseball in Knoxville.  It was a good day.

I guess I'll spend part of Saturday, the part I would have spent at the card show, organizing the cards I already own.  That won't cost me any money.


  1. Oooooh, "indefinitely." That sounds bad.

    They also spelled "canceled" wrong.

  2. Unfortunately, you cannot just "protest" this because there is strength in numbers and well you know that goes.

    The library is always open though.